As we are still in the situation with COVID-19 outbreak, we reorganized our class schedule.
Ashtanga yoga class is taught both at the physical studio and online and we restrict the number of the students at the studio.
A main change is that we don’t have Sunday class at the studio, but only online and if the physical studio is not available to use, we don’t make-up a class on another day, but simply move it to online. Studio pass can be used to join in that case.
We still may need to adjust things in order to make our learning environment better, in accordance with change in social situations.

We wish you a safe and healthy yoga life with a new lifestyle.
We welcome you anytime.




< Ashtanga Yoga Class >
Mysore Class: Monday – Friday (studio/online)
Door Open: 6:00-9:30 (9:15 online)
Class: 6:30-9:00
Opening Prayer: 6:30
*Friday is self-practice day (teaching is available only online)
*On national holidays: door open 6:45-, class 7:00-, opening prayer 7:15.

< Sunday Class >
Mysore class: the 1st, 3rd, 5th Sunday
Door Open: 6:45-9:30
Class: 7:00-9:00
Opening Prayer: 7:15

Led primary: the 2nd, 4th Sunday
Door open: 7:10
Class: 7:15-9:00
*In a led class, after you practice an asana that you’ve learnt, you can start an observation and wait to finish or rejoin from Urdhva Dhanurasana or simply leave the class. Also, you may challenge to half primary, if you are a beginner or full primary, if you are practicing half primary.

*Please leave the studio 9:30 sharp.
*We have no class on Saturday and moon days. (Check <<Mon Day Schedule 2020 >> below)
*If the studio venue is not available to use, the class will be taught online. You can use your studio pass in that case. Please check “INFORMATION” of “NEWS” page to see monthly schedule.
*Online class is taught with physical studio class at the same time. We observe your practice on the computer during class time and teaching is mainly provided on Friday and Sunday.
*Please mail us to make a reservation and pay your class fee through a bank transfer or online payment by 18:00 the day before. We will send you Zoom URL for the online class.

< Private Class >
We teach yoga at designated venues or online. Classes can be taught privately or for a group of people. Please contact us for further details.

Please check and read, “Studio measures and student guidelines for COVID-19 infection prevention ” page

We restrict the number of students who practice at a time.
You may have to wait until a space will be open.
To avoid that, you can reserve the practice space by emailing me by 18:00 of the previous day. Since less people are practicing in the earlier time usually, we recommend you to pick up earlier one.

Please pick up one starting time from ①6:00-6:30 or ②7:30-.
so that you secure your practice space preferentially.



No practice on Moon days see below for dates.

June: Full moon 6th (sat), new moon 21st (Sun)
July: Full moon 5th (Sun), new moon 21st (Tue)
August: Full moon 4th (Tue), new moon 19th (Wed)
September: Full moon 2nd Wednesday, new moon 17th (Thu)
October: Full Moon 2nd (Fri), New Moon 17th (Sat), Full Moon 31st (Sat)
November: New Moon 15th (Sun), Full Moon 30th (Mon)
December: New Moon 15th (Tue), Full Moon 30th (Wed)

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