Due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection, and changes in social conditions, AYO is reorganizing its yoga classes to make them more suitable. We hope that you will be able to use yoga safely and healthily, and that you will be able to live a yoga life that fits your current life. Please feel free to join us.

We welcome you anytime.
(June. 29, 2021)




++Monday – Thursday++
Mysore Class (Studio + Online)
6:00 Session Open
6:30-9:00 Class
9:15 Online session close
9:30 Door Close
*Self practice on every Friday

++The last Friday of a month++
Led primary class (Studio + Online)
7:15 Session Open
7:30-9:00 Class
9:30 Door Close
*If Friday is a moon day, it will be changed to the Thursday before.

++Sunday Online Class (no studio class)++
Mysore Class (Online)
6:45 Session Open
7:00-9:00 Class
9:15 Session Close

++The Second Sunday of a month++
Led Primary Series (Online)
7:25 Session Open
7:30-9:00 Class

*In a led class, after you practice an asana that you’ve learnt, you can start an observation and wait to finish or rejoin from Urdhva Dhanurasana or simply leave the class. Also, you may challenge to half primary, if you are a beginner or full primary, if you are practicing half primary.

*Please leave the studio 9:30 sharp.
*We have no class on Saturday and moon days. (Check <<Mon Day Schedule 2020 >> below)
*If the studio venue is not available to use, the class will be taught online. You can use your studio pass in that case. Please check “INFORMATION” of “NEWS” page to see monthly schedule.
*Online class is taught with physical studio class at the same time. We observe your practice on the computer during class time and teaching is mainly provided on Friday and Sunday.
*Please mail us to make a reservation and pay your class fee through a bank transfer or online payment by 18:00 the day before. We will send you Zoom URL for the online class.

< Private Class >
We provide private in-person / online classes. Please contact us for more information.

Please check and read, “Studio measures and student guidelines for COVID-19 infection prevention ” page



No practice on Moon days see below for dates.

January: 13th (Wed, New Moon), 29th (Fri, Full Moon)
February: 12th (Fri, New Moon), 27th (Fri, New Moon)
March: 13th (Sat, New Moon), 29th (Mon, Full Moon)
April: 12th (Mon, New Moon), 27th (Tue, Full Moon)
May: 12th (Wed, New Moon), 26th (Wed, Full Moon)
June: 10th (Thu, New Moon), 25th (Fri, Full Moon)
July: 10th (Sat, New Moon), 24th (Sat, Full Moon)
August: 8th (Sun, New Moon), 22nd (Sun, Full Moon)
September: 7th (Tue, New Moon), 21st (Tue, Full Moon)
October: 6th (Wed, New Moon), 20th (Wed, Full Moon)
November: 5th (Fri, New Moon), 19th (Fri, Full Moon)
December: 4th (Sat, New Moon), 19th (Sun, Full Moon)

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