Class Fee

<< Class Fee >>
<< Reservation & Payment >>

<< Class Fee >>

< Ashtanga Mysore Class at Physical STUDIO >

Monthly Pass (Mon – Fri)
3-day Week: 15,000 yen
5-day Week: 19,000 yen
Unlimited Pass for Studio & Online Class: 20,000 yen
☆with extra 3,000 yen, you can have Monthly Pass for Online

Ticket (valid for 3 months)
4 Class: 10,000 yen
10 Class: 21,000 yen
Drop-in: 3,000 yen
*You can use these for “Traditional Yoga” class

Special Visitor Pass (Mon – Fri)
1 week: 7,000 yen
2 weeks: 10,000 yen
*Only for short term visitors who live outside of Tokyo

*We have no class on moon days.
*When the physical studio is not available to use, the class will be taught online. You can join it with your pass. Please check “INFORMATION” of “NEWS” page or our monthly mail for our schedule.

< Ashtanga Mysore Class ONLINE >
Monthly Pass (Mon-Fri, Sun): 12,000 yen
One Week Pass (Mon-Fri, Sun): 3,600 yen
Drop-In: 1,000 yen
☆Monthly Pass with extra 4,000 yen, you can join one physical studio class a week.

< Private Class >
10,000 yen / 1 hour and transportation cost
5,000 yen for online

< Yoga Mat Rental >  
 ***not in service at the moment***
300 yen

< Mat Storage >
2,000 yen for 3 month
500 for one week
*Regarding durability of our mat storage shelf,
please avoid to store a heavy mat, e.g. thick black mat more than 3kg
Your understanding is appreciated.
* Please note, we will collect the extra charge after expiration.

<< Reservation & Payment >>
For STUDIO class: at the door

For ONLINE class: Please mail us, your name, the class you take, the date you start or attend and your payment method.
*Please mail us to make a reservation and pay your class fee through a bank transfer or online payment by 18:00 the day before. We will send you Zoom URL for the online class.

< Payment Method >
Online payment at the door: PayPay etc.
We need to see the payment result at the moment.

Bank transfer: please mail us when you finish the payment, before the class.

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