For beginner students

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For Beginner students

If you have no experience of ashtanga yoga practice, we recommend you to come to observe our class before you join, because it is the best way for you to understand how mysore class is taught and what students are actually doing.

Sex, age, lifetyle, our bodies and minds are all different.  We practice specific ashtanga yoga sequence on our own pace in mysore class. As we continue our practice, eventually we find out our own pace and way of practice. The reason why we teach mysore  style class is because it is better way to learn the goodness of the nature in ashtanga yoga, according to each own’s body and uniqueness, than learning in a group class once in a while.

At the beginning, the total time of practice maybe around thirty minutes and it will get longer step by step. We learn asanas (poses) one by one, gradually gain energy and spirit as well. Our practice, the number of asanas or the total time of practice, maybe stabilized in about a month.

We are teaching a class around for three hours every morning. You can join and leave a class any time you would like to do during class time, according to how long you practice and what time you would like to leave. You maybe able to adjust the amount and the time duration of your practice. Traditionally we practice six days a week. Ashtanga Yoga Omotesando is providing 3/5/6 days a week monthly pass and coupon tickets to fit your lifestyle. 

Ashtanga yoga brings you a balance between body and mind through our breath. Yoga can provide you a chance to observe yourself, to maintain your health condition and to cultivate sound spirit. 

No time like now. If you are interested in this yoga practice method, feel free to contact us for any questions.

We are looking forward to meeting you.




『ASHTANAGA YOGA Astanga Yoga Under the Guidance of Yogasanavisharada Vidwan』Director Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, By Lino MIele
「静かな精神こそ強い体をつくる A quiet mind is strong body」−Sri K. Pattabhi Jois